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Education Jul 3, 2017

IV (Industrial Visit) is both ‘the best’ and ‘the worst’ thing in any engineering discipline! Are you confused about ‘the worst ‘ ?! Don’t worry; both the best and worst seldom happen simultaneously. It has a strong dependence on the student and the provider. There are a few things to be kept in mind when engineering students plan to attend IV. 1. What is the significance of IV ? IVs have significant role to play as far as the academic life of an engineering student is concerned. The amount of exposure secured as a student from IV is one of the principal take always that could benefit a techie in a real professional life perspective. IVs in general, have been considered as a tour or a mean to ‘enjoy college-life’. But one must keep in mind that it has tremendous significance, even than the subjects that have been taught in classrooms.

2. Is IV a Certification Program? Engineering students often mistake IV as a certification Program. They (some unknowingly and some deliberately) choose project center (we cannot call them ‘IT Company’ in real-sense) which provides courses (too many number) like Android. This ultimately leads to a situation where they neither get the essence of app-development (as the course title represents) nor the purpose of IV fulfilled.

3. What is the real purpose? The real objective of IV rely on shaping engineers with enormous potential to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The results of a recent survey which has been conducted among the leading engineering institutes suggest how faultily the engineers being equiped to tackle the challenges awaiting them out there beyond the walls of their campus.

4. Dos and donts in choosing IV provider ? It is recommended to do a thorough check of the package and ensure the content being thoroughly scrutinized utilizing the resources available. Preference should have been given to those firms emphasis on potential core computer engineering tools viz Software management principles (Waterfall Model or Agile), Database design principles..etc.

5. Benefits Post IV? Another important aspect has been the post IV benefits in Engineering curriculum. In most of the Indian universities main project commences post IV and students get an opportunity to practice the expertise that has been nurtured. Engineering graduates could avail the advantage of expert guidelines in troubleshooting if the main project and IV would have been concurrently performed.

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