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Beyond the Surface: Embracing Empathy for Deeper Understanding and Positive Change

Empathy Feb 8, 2024

In the past, I stood firm for justice as I understood it, engaging in confrontations with shop owners and Uber drivers whenever I perceived a wrongdoing. This approach was a reflection of the behaviour I witnessed growing up, and I held a strong conviction that if I was in the right, I had to stand up and fight for it.

However, with time and experience, I’ve come to realize that my method, although well-intentioned, lacked empathy. I was reacting rather than responding with understanding. As I began to consciously practice empathy, my perspective shifted. I learned to see the situation through the eyes of others and to understand their challenges and reasons.

This change in approach didn't mean I abandoned my principles, but rather that I chose a path of kindness and understanding over immediate reaction. The result was profound: my anger dissipated, and I began to see more positive outcomes. Through empathy, I achieved what confrontation could not.

This infographic from The Minds Journal beautifully illustrates the importance of empathy. Above the surface are the behaviours we see, but beneath are the unseen struggles that shape these behaviours. My journey taught me to look beyond the surface, to the depth of experiences driving the actions of others.

Empathy isn't about condoning wrong actions, but about understanding the complex human behind them. It's a powerful tool for change, fostering a more compassionate and effective interaction. As we practice empathy, we might not only change the outcome of a situation but also the hearts involved, including our own.


Muhammad Swalah

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