About the author

A passionate software engineer and technology enthusiast, who loves empathising with human problems and finding ways to solve them at scale.

He is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Softway Solutions, Inc.

Muhammad has developed his own Digital Personal assistant called Aman.ai which includes its customized NLP processing and human-like chatting. And got first prize in a state-level academic project competition.

The strong passion and love for Java made him founding a Java User Group in Kerala (KeralaJUG). He successfully organized Meetups and DevCons where industries leading experts like Dr Venkat Subramaniam and Nikhil Nanivadekar took sessions.

From the very beginning of his career, He was always curious to work with product-based companies with great missions and visions. His first company HelpBox was a product-based startup. He enjoyed working there. The main attraction towards the product-based companies is the kinds of details and quality every output demands and the impact that can be made in people’s lives!

He has worked majorly on ReactNative, NodeJS, Socket.IO, RESTAPI and PostgreSQL during the past ~5 years. During the starting of his career, He worked on Core-Java Desktop ERP solutions with PostgreSQL and Java Swing framework.

He was lucky to see and interact with the computer in his 1st standard from his Paternal Uncle and Maternal Aunt! Like any kid, he fell for the video games in no time, which later turned to coding and playing around with the internals. He used to have a bag of broken switches and wires from house repairs as his favourite toys during his childhood. That fondness towards computers and technology made him choose Computer Science for his Higher Secondary and then for the 3 Year Diploma education.

He used to spare his free time by making himself up to date about the latest trends in technology, especially in software development and consumer tech. But recently, he got more interested in human behaviour. Particularly how humanbeings react & respond to different incidents, the way they take heterogeneous incidents or things which are largely perceived as tragedy or fortune, the deviations in their approach on taking and processing feedback when the occasion and the person changes, and many other things like that.

In addition to this, he enjoys exploring different varieties of food with authentic tastes. Also, he seldom love to attempt new fusion recipes with the available items in his kitchen cupboard.

(Last updated: 2022 Jul 15 11:11 IST)