Good Bye Emvigo...See You Soon!

career Dec 31, 2021

Praise be to Allah!

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Mentors,
As some of you might have already heard, today is my last day at Emvigo. Yes, I turned the brown leaf, which needs to be fallen off with the hope of germinating on a different plant!

It's been nearly 2 years since I joined Emvigo with a bunch of dreams. I'm happy that you all helped me to full fill a large part of it! Some are still remaining as the fuel for the drive & urge to do things in life!

Emvigo is the first company in my career with this size. I had a lot of worries when I joined here. I was worried about how will I be able to work with teams of this size? Will I be able to work collaboratively? And a lot of other things. Thanks to the astounding people here, none of my worries lived any longer!

I'm grateful that I was able to complete approximately 105381 lines of code and 2922 commits over two projects. I'm sure that, without you people's help and immense support, it won't be possible.

I started my career remotely in my first Company. The vibe at the office was really amazing when I joined Emvigo. I was really enjoying the physical meetings, coffee discussions, lunch breaks and travelling back to my apartment with colleagues and friends. But sadly, corona took everything away before completing 3 months since I joined 😢

Like everyone, I was too worried about the crisis ahead due to the market crash due to covid. I still remember the call with my Sister, about the possibility of losing my job and life during my stranded time because of the lockdown. I remember the note Sanjay sent everyone describing the condition of the market. I read that message with wet eyes. Thank you, Sanjay, Kenneth and Anoop and all the other ones for standing strong and caring us all. I will never forget the relief of getting the salary one or two days early, that too in the full figure while the rest of the world were losing their jobs & hope! I'm sure that, you people might have struggled a lot with sleepless nights and days to anchor our company into that safe state. Thank you very much for all your help and efforts!

Nikhil & Shiju, you both were two awesome managers & mentors I met in my life. I will never forget every small & big gesture you both made to make my life easier! You understood the problem and offered support and guidance whenever I was in need. Nikhil, I still remember your random calls when I was very down during the first phase of the lockdown. Your immense support and valuable feedback during the review calls. Shiju, you made my life a lot easier and helped me to navigate a very difficult (not in a technical aspect) project. The one thing I really liked in both of you is the focus on the outcome and being flexible and supportive than obsessing about the laggy processes!

Jimmy, Suraj, Anila & Sinto, you are a few beautiful people I met. Thank you for making me feel at home during the difficult times. Thank you for backing each other whenever it was necessary. Thank you for your trust and understanding. Thanks a lot for the priceless feedbacks. I will really miss you all!

Thank you Sukumar & Balakrishnan for the mentoring and all the help and support whenever it was needed.

Thank you, Nikhil, Jayakrishnan, Gokul, Mebin, Aditya, Narayanan, Ramya, Jimmy and Ajith for all the help and support during my first project Depsta-Xtrax at Emvigo! Thank you Aghish for teaching me the iOS setup and release even during your busy schedules.

Muhsin, you're an awesome friend I got from here. Thanks a lot for all the support and help so far. The only thing I'm sad about you is, we didn't get the opportunity to work together. But I hope to be able to do that in future!

Anoop, you're an awesome mentor of mine! Thank you for all the support from the interview day itself. Thank you for trusting me. You helped me a lot in many ways which I can't be described in words here.  Thank you for allowing time for me even during your tight schedule whenever I was in need! I know I have disturbed you a lot during your busy hours, sincerely sorry about that. I won't miss you! Will continue to disturb you again and again 😜

Sanjay & Kenneth, you're great leaders. We only got a very few occasions to interact with. Thank you for all the support, help and trust whenever it mattered. I will really miss you both!

Sreejith and the Accounts Team, Thank you very much for your hard work in making sure salaries and other things are on time. Thank you for the one-on-one calls to clarify my financial doubts and all the help and support starting from opening the Salary Account on my day one at Emvigo. You were always there whenever I needed help!

Ceemol, Harishma, Keerthi and the entire HR Team, Thank you very much for making my days awesome here. Without your follow-ups and checking, even on small things, I won't be able to move on. Thank you very much for making my days seamless here!

Rajmohan, Nithin & Nitheesh, thank you for making my beginning days filled with fun and enjoyment! Thanks a lot for all your help & support so far!

Thanks to all the developers and contributors who enormously helped me in countless GitHub issue threads and Stack overflow QAs! Without you all, I might not be able to write a single line of code!

Last but not the least, heartfelt gratitude to My beloved family for understanding me and my work schedules and adjusting your requirements according to that!

Thank you very much for all my mentors and well-wishers inside and outside Emvigo for all the advice, help and support you provided so far, without that, I might not be here today!

Thanks to all the human beings I interacted with, listened or watched so far in my entire life, you all have ownership of what I'm today both in good and bad ways!

If you think, I missed you to mention explicitly, trust me you are much greater than that and always will be at the bottom of my heart!

Once again, Thanks to all of you for all the opportunities, help and support in both personal and professional spaces, during my tenure here at Emvigo. I value all of it a lot! I wish we could collaborate in the future in a better and meaningful way if the intersection of destiny permits!

Last but not the least, Sorry if I hurt anyone here in any way. As I'm believing in the feedback loop, I was not short of hard and honest conversations, which I believe are necessary for a culture of love, improvement, trust and understanding!So, please do forgive me if I hurt you in any way. I have personally said sorry and sought apology to all the people, which I think was necessary. If you think I have missed you, I'm really sorry about it. Trust me, I haven't intentionally forgotten about you...Please do connect with me in person...please don't hesitate to do that...I really want to say sorry in person!

I pray to Allah to, give me many more incredible years like this with this kind of beautiful people!


Muhammad Swalah

A passionate individual who dream in code to revolutionize the digital solutions. Entrepreneur | Java Enthusiast | Code Dreamer | KeralaJUG Lead