Final Warning: Get Rid Out of WhatsApp ⚠️

Privacy Sep 24, 2016
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All my dear friends, its a final warning for all those who are still on  WhatsApp. You have only few hours to take decision on your privacy. If  you really cared or concerned about privacy I request all of you to  delete and move to another secure platforms. If you are in the category  of the people who are silly about it and always saying 'What can they do  just by getting my email,name,phone no? Or I don't have nothing  disposable ....' I don't have nothing to say you except you are digging  the trap yourself!

Few days back Google released its 'Allo' with  impressing features, but that too unsafe! It steals our privacy as much  as it can. The privacy policy that they said on Google I/O event at the  time of allo's announcement has now changed at the time of public  release. If you are still not understood what exactly the shit behind  the privacy policy, just read the tweets of Mr.Edward Snowden(

Delhi HC orders WhatsApp to scrub off user data once the app is uninstalled
The judges asked WhatsApp to delete information of users who do not want to remain on it and not share any information with FB after the account is deleted.
WhatsApp’s privacy policy is bigger than just sharing info with Facebook


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