About the author

A passionate software developer and technology enthusiast having experience in Java and JavaScript.

He was working as a Technology Consultant at Emvigo Technologies Cochin until recently.
Before that he worked as a Software Developer in Product Startup HelpBox for 2+ years.

He has started working in a variety of projects from his college days itself.

Muhammad has developed his own Digital Personal assistant called Aman.ai which includes its own customized NLP processing and human-like chatting. And got first prize in state-level academic project competition.

The strong passion and love for Java made him founding a Java User Group in Kerala (KeralaJUG). He successfully organized Meetups and DevCons where industries leading experts like Dr Venkat Subramaniam and Nikhil Nanivadekar took sessions.

From the very beginning of his career, He is always curious to work with product-based companies with great mission and vision. His first company HelpBox was a product based startup. He really enjoyed working there. The main attraction towards the product-based companies is the kinds of details and quality every output demands and the impact we can make in people’s lives!

He has worked mostly on ReactNative and NodeJS with Socket.IO and PostgreSQL during the past ~3 years. During the starting of his career, He used to work on Core-Java Desktop ERP solutions with PostgreSQL and Java Swing framework. Currently, He is learning MongoDB and planning to learn Flutter soon. His immediate to-do items in learning would be Native Android and iOS on the mobile side and Go-Lang and Java as the back-end.

As his experience and passion is being said, you can contact him if it matches any of your requirements.

(Last updated: 2022 Jan 10 19:33 IST)